The Seven Candles is something I hold very special in my heart. It has to do with the colors of the rainbow, the energy sources in our bodies, and what they represent. I am trying to work daily to keep my candle lit in the positive energy of the colors of the rainbow.

For a moment close your eyes and imagine a room that is completely dark. A match is lit moving its way to a candle wick, the two touch, the wick starts to burn and the match’s fire goes out. This wick starts to have a small soft glow to it. The darkness is still there, however, if you pick up the candle it can lead the way illuminating the path.

Currently, our world is struggling. We hear a lot of doom and gloom on the news and in all sorts of places. In the state I live in I see homeless people everywhere. It is like being surrounded by darkness.

At this time in my life, I don’t have the ability to turn on a light switch removing all the darkness. Yet I can take a match and light my candle having a small soft glow where ever I go.

I would love to hear how you are making a difference in belonging.