Different Needs Languages

I recently published The Needs Languages: Bring Balance & Belonging in Parenting. One of the things I talk about in this booklet is what it is like to have a parent that does not have a common Needs Language with their child and the frustration that brings in communication.

This frustration isn’t just in parenting, it can be in teaching or in the workplace. I have worked in a few places where this has happened. So what are some things a person can do when this happens?

First, know your Needs Languages. Knowing who you are is vital in awareness.

Second, be balanced in your Needs Languages. Finding a balance within yourself is key to not annoying or overstepping your boundaries with others.

Third, communicate who you are and what you need in your Needs Languages are. Don’t make excuses, state facts. Say this is who I am and this is how I communicate and express myself. If you need to bring one of my books to show the Needs Languages, explain what they are about.

Fourth, ask them how you can work with them in their Needs Languages. See where you can work together, compromise in the differences, give voice to each other.

I have used these four steps with people. They have worked for me with people who are open and willing to listen and work together.

Try them, see what happens. I would love to hear back from you on how it goes.