Excited about the New Booklet

I wanted to share about the chapter I wrote in The Needs Languages Bring Balance & Belonging in Romantic Relationships.

I wrote a chapter about menopause and not changing your partner. Many would ask how do the two relate?

Both are changes that people really do not want.

Change can be uncomfortable.

People like to feel powerful in their change, well let me rephrase that…. safe in their change. When you take that away you are going to have some issues.

Another aspect someone asked me is you write most of your booklets towards Gen X & Millenials, most Millennials & some Gen X are not going to relate to menopause.

Well yes, and no, I am sure some women are talking to their moms about it or have and maybe some Millenials & Gen X are starting to go through it really early.

But that is not the point. The point is to talk about the uncomfortableness of change and how we all don’t like it and not to try to change others.