Holidays Coming

For some the holidays bring excitement for others the it brings a sense of doom. But what does a person feeling either doom and excitement have in common?

Both are communicating with their personalities. The one who is feeling excitement probably has a sense of belonging with their family. They most likely feel connected with their Needs Languages, while the one who is feeling ultimate doom feelings is not connecting in their Needs Languages.

For those who are excited can looking forward to the holidays coming, that is awesome and I am happy for you.

For those who are struggling with the dooms day feeling in the pit of your stomach let’s start with something simple. In this situation I would make sure you are doing what is best for you.

First make sure you are safe. Also make sure you are doing self-care.

What self-care is, is up to you and there are many are many articles out there in regards to what healthy self-care is.