Kids Have Wisdom

I saw my neighbor girl wearing a hat. I said nice hat to her. Her brother said, “That’s my dad’s hat.”

I looked at her younger brother and told him not to answer for his sister because he didn’t have her mouth and brain.

I then asked the kids if they wanted each other’s mouths and brains they laughed and said in unison. “no.”

“I don’t want my sister’s brain or mouth.”

“I don’t want my brother’s brain or mouth, I like my own.”

I said, “Well then you shouldn’t answer for them. We all need to learn not to answer for someone. You don’t want them answering for you do you?”

“No,” they said in unison.

I then thanked them for listening to me and said I appreciated them. I also said they have important things and wisdom to share with me too. With that comment, they started telling me about this movie and how twins shared things.

What I did was open the door for them to want to talk with me, to share what they thought and how they felt.

I think we need to teach our kids that they have a voice and that their voice is vital and ought to be heard. That they have wisdom to speak just like we do.