Music Lyrics & Needs Languages

Today I turned the TV on and was watching some random music videos. The song lyrics were stating people’s Needs Languages it was fascinating.

“Put my tender heart in a blender…” RV

“We Built this City”… RC

So let’s break this down.

“Put my Tender heart in a blender” is saying I am sensitive and you chopped my feelings to shreds. The reason we say this would be an RV speaking is that an RV feels to think and thinks to feel. Many times they are going to be more sensitive and where their heart on their sleave. Along with this RV many times like to challenge. Can you see these lyrics as challenging?

Let’s look at “We Built this City.” RC loves community, they are about building or tearing down. A city represents where people live, a community. Building is a very common thing RC like to do.

As I say in my books, we speak ie sing who we are, and what we are thinking. When we learn how to listen, we can then learn how to connect or disconnect if it isn’t healthy. Listening gives us the ability to create ie design our belonging.

Can you think of any songs that might show what a person’s Needs Languages are?