A few years back I realized something. It was in a marketing class I took. Marketers are smart but they didn’t realize how smart they really were. You see groups carry the same energy.


Ever heard of a company’s mission statement and when you get hired you are asked if you agree with it or not? Well, generations are kind of the same way.

For example, I can feel that being Gen X I am very cynical and I can tell my Gen X friends are too. However, when I talk to Millennials I get a whole other feel.

You may be thinking that is a no-brainer. But this happens to be a clue of what we need to overcome or heal or deal with in our lives. It also is a clue of what we are supposed to fight for in our lifetime. For example, my generation had to deal with Aids and the ADA came about because of some of the discrimination issues.

That is why I say marketers are smart. Think about it, they tell us what we need to overcome and what we need to stand up against in society.

This is a powerful tool if we just pay attention to it.