Red Flags vs Flaws

I remember talking to a friend who was dating this person. They were telling me all about them. I was hearing red flags, they were speaking flaws. The difference was perception.

Red flags are something that you run from. Flaws are something everyone has that you can work with. The individual chooses what is a red flag for them and what is a flaw for them.

I have had people laugh at me telling me that what I decided was a red flag was not a red flag. However, for me it was. When a person is going to live with another person they are the ones who have to suffer the consequences of the decision they are making. On the other hand, I have had people say that person is showing signs of red flags, and I did not listen and suffered the consequences.

What I have learned from this is to listen to what is being said. The person will tell you what they are needing. You just need to listen. They may be needing to hear that the individual has red flags or they may think that they are only flaws. At this point respect their views.

For their safety, they may need to hear you say ” RED FLAGS RUN”!

It is not judging to say red flags run. We all make mistakes, it is listening and discerning what is needed. When we come at it from a place of nonjudgment we are coming at it from a place of loving one another, accepting each other where we are at, and maybe even helping a person out of a dangerous situation.