The Needs Languages & Writing

There have been several writing podcasts that I have done lately around writing. Many of the writers have said to me, I can incorporate The Needs Languages into my writing. As they say this I think that is awesome.

The Needs Languages keep finding more and more ways to help people. It blows my mind. On Valentine’s day, a beautiful writer said to me, I wish I had had this sixty years ago to help me. I don’t think she was just talking about writing.

Every time I try to limit the Needs Languages it seems to branch out into another unexpected area.

Maybe it is because I keep using essential oils that say limitless on them while I think & work on the Needs Langues or maybe because the Needs Languages are not supposed to have any limits.

At this point, it doesn’t matter because what is most crucial to me is that people encounter Unconditional Love the way they are designed to through the Needs Languages and if that is through writing. Then that is through writing.