We Speak Who We R

I remember being with my partner at a party. We were talking with Ben. I looked at Ben and said, “You aren’t trustworthy.” I repeated it several times. A little jokingly but seriously.

Ben agreed with me.

My partner later said, “Do you remember what you said?”


“You told him he wasn’t trustworthy and he agreed with you.”

I looked at them and said, “We speak what who we are and he was speaking what he was.”

Now Ben chose to not be trustworthy. He was a con artist but he was there invited by someone else and it was a friend’s party. He was not who I associate with or who my partner associates with. Ben could choose at any moment to change his character, his thoughts about himself. But that would also mean he would have to give up his addictions.

What I was reminded of is we will speak what we think of others and if they believe the same of themselves they will agree and speak it of themselves.