What You Fear Can Happen

I have been watching this happen for years now with people. Have you ever heard someone speak over and over again I hope I don’t get…. and then they get what they said they hope they don’t get.

Or how about people who are always saying they are the victim of something and they keep becoming the victim of that same thing over and over again. It is like they keep creating that cycle of fear.

Now I am not saying to be paranoid but what I am saying is to be wise. What that means is to cover your fears with love.


Think of it this way. If you were cold you might cover yourself with a blanket to warm up. Take those fears like you are feeling cold and that the blanket is love and you are holding or covering yourself in love.

How that might sound is this.

I am grateful at this moment I am well and I choose to stay in this moment and be grateful, not focusing on what the future may or may not bring to me.


I choose how I respond or react to how people treat me and I choose to not be the victim of anyone’s negative behavior any longer. I am coming out of this cycle.

Now that does not mean it stops instantly. What it does mean is you are given the opportunity to create something different.