Wheels Within

I recently did a class on the Chakras. There are some who struggle with this from people who think that this is not logical for this new age and to be careful what you might bring in.

However, I look at it this way, find the truth and follow it. But how do you know what truth is?

That is an interesting question. When I ponder that question I think of something a woman once said to me, “follow the peace.”

Where there is peace there is truth, where there is no peace there is no truth.

Now you may say I live in anxiety all the time, how can I find peace? Then you have to find peace first and follow it to find the truth. In other words, you are struggling with trust and trusting yourself, trusting in something greater than yourself.

What is greater than yourself that you can trust in that can bring peace? If you would like to know the answer you can read next week’s blog.