Why Don’t Doesn’t Register

How many times have you heard “Don’t Forget.” Every time I hear that I want to scream!!!

The reason is that our brains do not register the word “don’t”. In other words, you are telling the person to forget.

So what you just did was say, “Hey forget what I just said.”

Then when they forget you get mad with them. Crazy making. Right?

We do this all the time because of a lack of knowledge. We create a situation with our words that does not work out for us and then get pissed off while wondering why.

When people say to me “Don’t forget.”

I immediately respond with “I will remember.”

I repeat it several times if I have to. I do this because I will not align with forget.

You may be thinking where is the proof of this. Well, I am going to include an article about this in my blog and if you want to learn more you can always research it for yourself.