Why Goals May Not Work For You

I was recently talking with someone about goals. They said to me “I can’t do goals. But I want to make a goal and do a goal. “

I said “Of course you can’t do goals, your Needs Language isn’t Important. “

They looked at me with their head tilted to the side and face positioned with wonderment.

“You are Control, correct?”

They responded “Yes.”

“You need to see it differently to obtain what you want.”

I then explained to them how to get what they needed.

This is one of the reasons why New Years Resolutions fail. We expect non-goal people to make goals and succeed. We speak goal language to people who don’t speak that language. Then they can’t do a goal, feel bad, and expect to do it wonder why they can’t make the goal, get depressed, and hate themselves wondering what is wrong with them.

A little secret there is nothing wrong with you. You are amazing and wonderful. You speak a different language. It is ok to speak that language and others should be able to speak that language with you.

It is not ok for others to expect you to learn their language and not learn yours. I am sorry you have been expected to be in this box of goals when this is not who you are.

You can now breathe.

So you may be wondering if Important isn’t in my Needs Languages and I don’t speak goals what do I speak?

That is more detailed than this blog can give and you would need to reach out to learn more.