The first candle of The Seven Candles is Wisdom. This is the red candle. She is the candle that I like to have to guide my path. What I mean by that, well for example now. I am asking wisdom what I ought to be writing.

I asked Wisdom about The Needs Languages and how to write those books. I ask Wisdom how to talk to people or what to say. I ask Wisdom for the ability to listen.

I ask Wisdom to guide me to know when to keep my mouth shut. I can tell you Wisdom has had to work over time to help me on that one.

Some may be going ok so you ask then what?

I sit and breathe. I get quiet and ask my imagination to flow with Wisdom.

It is that simple.

And if I am struggling I ask for the ability to receive.

That last sentence is one of the most powerful sentences I have ever spoken in my life.

Wisdom please give me the ability to hear your words and follow them. (That is asking to receive)

If you do this and start growing in Wisdom please let me know. I would love to hear your stories.