Holiday Feelings

Holidays can bring up all kinds of emotions for people. There are people who have wonderful memories of family and friends.

There are people who struggle during the holidays, feeling sad.

But what happens when you have both?

You may be asking how can you have both. If you have a loved one who passed away during the holidays or if you remember them during the holiday season and are missing them. There is joy and sorrow at the same time. A cake mixture.

Like many people, I am reminded of a very dear person who passed away during the holidays. She brought many gifts into my and other people’s lives. As I think about her, I miss her.

At the same time, I honor her life and understand the seasons and what seasons bring.

Seasons aren’t always easy, to transition into or out of but if we stay too much in the past, we miss out on what is to come. The people who have passed away wouldn’t want that for us.

However, we can take that moment to breathe and remember being thankful for what they gave us.