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  • The Struggle of Communication

    As we close the month of February, let’s end it on talking about communication. I think this is something we all can struggle with at times. Don’t you agree? Sometimes […]

  • Shoulds

    How many of you like conflict? Now if you raise your hand I will think you are a person who likes to challenge or argue, but many times well there […]

  • Why All Genders Need…

    Recently I did a feasibility study with someone who may have missed the target market. They said the target market for dating and romantic relationships was women. However, every time […]

  • Holidays Coming

    For some the holidays bring excitement for others the it brings a sense of doom. But what does a person feeling either doom and excitement have in common? Both are […]

  • Love is Blind Season 3

    With the TEDx talk I have to talk a little about Season 3 Love is Blind and The Needs Languages. There is one conversation where I watch Bartise and Nancy […]