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  • Valentine’s Week

    This week is Valentine’s week. When we think of this week, many of us think of love and dating. When we think of dating all sorts of thoughts float through […]

  • Shoulds

    How many of you like conflict? Now if you raise your hand I will think you are a person who likes to challenge or argue, but many times well there […]

  • Huh?

    Last week we talked about communication and why sometimes it doesn’t always work, that it isn’t always because the person isn’t listening. I want to talk about another reason why […]

  • Does the Alignment Key Fit

    Communication can be challenging. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and felt like they didn’t understand a word you just said? What are the clues that they didn’t?Was […]

  • Choosing Community

    Last week we talked about Personality and defined it. When you know your personality you can start to know how you fit in community. People who like to challenge personality […]