We don’t understand what we don’t know

I talk a lot about disabilities. What is interesting is many people don’t understand the complexity of disabilities. I struggle myself at times too, making sure I say things that are politically correct.

But one thing a lot of people don’t know is the isolation people with disabilities have.

Our society is starting to welcome more disabilities with movies, TV shows including dating shows.

However even with this people still struggle with understanding disability struggles.

I remember being in a group where they thought people with disabilities were all “Autistic” and low functioning. That giving them a job was doing them a favor because of what they heard from a friend’s business.

That is not necessarily true, there are different levels of disabilities and different ways they function.

However, I wanted to change the word from disabilities to capabilities. You see people with disabilities are no different than people who don’t have a disability. They have different capabilities, just like everyone else.

Not everyone is capable of driving a truck, not everyone is capable of singing a song beautifully.

What it boils down to is acknowledging each other’s differences and amazing qualities.

It is learning to create belonging for all no matter what your capability is.