What Can You Trust When Anxiety

In the last blog, we talked about following the peace. But what happens when a person is so stricken with anxiety that there is no peace to follow?

That there is nothing to trust, they can’t find trust inside themselves or something greater than themselves.

One thing that meditation is built on is focusing on the breath because you can almost trust the breath. The breath is like the life force of oneself. It is automatic. It is something a person can follow. When you focus on the breath in a way you are training yourself to focus on something you can trust at that moment. Something you know will happen over and over again.

Our breath is part of our life force which comes from love which is higher than ourselves. It is part of peace. When we learn to settle ourselves down and focus on the simplicity of our breath, letting go, and trusting, in a way we are learning to follow peace.

This is the basic of how to learn how to follow peace.