What is Your Focus?

Many times we spend time focusing on what someone is doing wrong.

Recently something came up on my Youtube channel, Grammy, Sam Smith and his Grammy performance being Satanic.

At first I thought could this cause more problems for the Trans community?

But then I decided to research. I research what the lyrics of Unholy said, it was about a person having an affair on their partner and that they might end up in a body bag. The tune is a catchy tune.

What was interesting was that people were expecting him not to show that the lyrics in this song was not bad. What were they expecting happy people with sunshine and daisies?

I watched some interviews with Sam and started to see how he was communicating in his personality. Lately he has been challenging a few things.

With my research I came across one video, where Kirk Franklin stated his opinion and it wasn’t about how evil or satanic Sam was. Instead he said we ought to focus on the positive on who we should be honoring. Then he listed off a bunch of names.

I sat back and thought this is what I want to listen to, this is what I want to focus on. What is positive.

I personally believe Sam Smith or anyone else can believe what they want to believe, sing or write about what they want to write about. I choose to listen. I choose what I focus on. I choose either the positive or negative.

What do you choose to focus on?