Why is Inclusion so crucial to our world

Have you ever thought that the word inclusion is another word for belonging?

We all want to have inclusion in the areas we deem we want to belong. But it goes further than that.

For the last several months I have been watching Netflix on movements regarding women. One of them had to do with directors. This documentary talked about how most directors were white males and how it was a boys club. They talked about having to share less than 1% of jobs. There was no inclusion or diversity. Men were shaping how they saw women and what they wanted women to be.

In this case lack of inclusion lead women to be blackballed out of the industry for saying something, sexual harassment, and much more.

When we don’t have inclusion going on in our world, we force people to conform to our ideals trying to make them be something they are not. That is never inclusion.

When diversity was not there it warped a generation and created conformists designed to make one type of individual conform to their liking, their ideals.

When we learn from other genders, races, cultures, ages, and disabilities. When we are open we can glean new insightful information.

People do not come as one size fits all. Not accepting that in my opinion is delusional.

Isn’t it time we start learning how to be more integrative with each other?

Isn’t it time we look at each other as amazing and part of the picture of life?

For me, I want to be inclusive with others. I hope you feel the same too.