Do You Have an ism?

Some people have ism. An example… Nicoleism. I have several of them. This is one of my favorites. You are a unique puzzle piece that fits into the bigger picture of life.

The reason why this is one of my favorites is because of what we are currently going through.

I grew up where the individual voice was not heard. It was all about what the collective wanted. But things are changing, we are hearing more of the individual voice because they are mad at what the collective did. Often the collective has said to a middle puzzle piece (individual) that they ought to be a corner piece. By shoving the wrong piece into the wrong spot, the edges get frayed.

I believe this is what a lot of people are feeling.

This can create an issue because there is no balance in our world. What we need is both. If we don’t allow the individual to be the individual they are, for whatever reason, then the puzzle will be missing its piece. Yet we all make up the collective puzzle and when we work together it makes the bigger picture come together.

It is learning that both matter, both have a voice and there are feelings involved.

I remember when I was in a training on Zoom, there was a very aggressive person who was one of the leaders of the group. She didn’t like some of the things I asked. In the first email, she sent me I told her don’t call me out in front group, I will talk to you privately. It was an intensive training with lots of emotions. She felt I needed to be brought out in the group, so she disrespected my puzzle piece by calling me out publicly, not respecting my boundaries, and trying to make me fit where she wanted me to fit in the group. My puzzle piece was frayed. I left the group immediately. She believed that the voice of the group was her and the majority followed. The collective overrode my boundaries.

So how can both voices be heard…. Well, that solution starts with being aware of what you need and what the other party needs and being caring towards both. That may sound simple but it is starting where simple is.

As I wrap up, I am wondering if you have any ism? I would love to hear them and how they have impacted you and others.