The RV Server

Last month I talked about the personality communication type RV, Right Value. I talked about two people in history and a current actor, Ryan Reynolds. I talked about how this personality type communicates. 

I want to share a story of meeting an RV, in DC. I was at a restaurant talking with a server. He was very nice. As we were talking, he was telling us more about himself. We talked about our state and where he was from. We told him about our personality communication model, and he figured out he was an RV. 

As the conversation continued, he talked about what he was learning in DC and how he wanted to bring it back to Africa to the tribes, to bring unity and change. We shared who were some famous changemakers that were RV. He told us he had almost forgotten that he knew he was supposed to do this, but that we reminded him of his destiny. 

For some of us, we know deep inside of us that we are supposed to do something like this. For others, we have no idea. Either is ok. Life isn’t about right or wrong, life is about discovery. Sometimes we are going to discover and sometimes we are going to rediscover.