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  • Why All Genders Need…

    Recently I did a feasibility study with someone who may have missed the target market. They said the target market for dating and romantic relationships was women. However, every time […]

  • The New Year and No Goals

    Did you know that word goals aren’t for everyone? Now I love goals. In college, I had a class where I had my midterm paper done by the second week. […]

  • Family Time Isn’t Always Easy

    The holidays are here. The Needs Languages can help. People are challenging. Communication is challenging. People are irritating and usually the most irritating are the ones you spent the most […]

  • The RV Server

    Last month I talked about the personality communication type RV, Right Value. I talked about two people in history and a current actor, Ryan Reynolds. I talked about how this […]

  • Finally the personality commonality

    So for weeks now we have been talking about Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and Ryan Reynolds. I know Ryan Reynolds is in that group. What do these three have in […]