Where Do You Listen?

Do you look for places to inspire? Or are you so busy with your life that you remained focus not seeing the opportunities in front of you?

Being inspiring can engage all of our senses. It is being aware of what is going on around you.

I am one of those people that most kids and animals run to talk to. As an adult many times I am focused on what I need to do. It can be challenging to take myself out of my own head at times. But I do.

I think it is vital to create belonging wherever I go.

When I was growing up, the expression “Children should be seen but not heard,” was common. But when the adults said that, in my mind what they were really saying is this, don’t be seen or heard, don’t bother me. This has led to many adults feeling like they don’t matter. This saying also destroyed belonging for many people.

I want something different for the next generation.

Recently I had a Millenial tell me that when they were growing up, the state of California told them, that they couldn’t speak Spanish. They were traumatized by it. Remember the saying “Children are resilient.” They were resilient but at what cost? Being resilient costs, just as much as being told you shouldn’t be speaking. In this case, they got both messages.

These are scares we left on them. The adults told them as a child they were not to be heard, they were not to be seen, and expected them to be resilient. To this day they can’t speak Spanish but wish they could. This is why it is so crucial to give a voice to children, so when they grow up they don’t lose what is precious to them.

Do you have something precious you lost as a child, because of this saying?

This belief is ending for many, but it is still prevalent for many.

I have decided that when I am around others, whether it be children, animals, or adults I will do my best to stop and listen. That everyone has something to say and that it is important. Are you open to slowing down and looking around to do the same?