Finally the personality commonality

So for weeks now we have been talking about Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and Ryan Reynolds. I know Ryan Reynolds is in that group. What do these three have in common?

They all challenge in their own way. 

Lincoln challenged slavery. Martin Luther King challenged equal rights. Ryan Reynold’s humor can be challenging. 

This personality type is an RV, Right Value. 

What a Right Value communicates, communicates in terms of right/ wrong or good/bad and costs vs benefit. 

Now when I talk about right or wrong. I am not talking about what is right or wrong. I am talking about what that person thinks is right or wrong according to their perspective. 

Now Value isn’t about morals and Values. I want to make that very clear. I have talked to many people who think they are value because they see it as morals and values. This has nothing to do with morals and values. It has to do with cost vs benefits. 

So this is how an RV communicates in this way. 

There are more reasons why this personality challenges but to understand this or to work with this is to subscribe to the trainings that I will be offering in the next 3 months.