Life Starts to Return to Normal Maybe?

After the holidays have come and gone for most, some a sigh of relief happens, for others, the bill comes due, and then conflict arises.

Why does this conflict arise? Probably because you feel hopeless at the decisions you made when you spent the money. Many of us feel that. It is a pattern.

Now some don’t struggle with this. Some struggle with their partner doing this and some don’t struggle with living above their means at all.

But when this does happen, and bills can’t get paid, It leads to the dreaded triangle. The victim-predator rescuer triangle. We feel the struggle of not having enough, we feel helpless. In feeling helpless we want to be rescued and because we can’t find someone to rescue us we get angry and with that anger has to lash out at someone or something.

It becomes a vicious cycle and we don’t know how we got there or how to stop the pattern.

Life is full of these patterns so what can we do to stop these patterns?

Hmm that is in next week’s blog.