Love is Blind Season 3

With the TEDx talk I have to talk a little about Season 3 Love is Blind and The Needs Languages.

There is one conversation where I watch Bartise and Nancy talk to each other. I mean they are talking at each other.

Bartise speaks Important Right and Nancy speaks Important Value. Bartise keeps telling her how wrong of a prize she is and Nancy keeps telling him what benefits she offers as a prize. She can’t seem to get why he can’t see her benefits as a prize and Bartise can’t seem to get why she doesn’t get how wrong she is.

The bottom line is this Bartise is speaking Right to Nancy. Nancy doesn’t speak Right language, so Nancy doesn’t get it. It isn’t that Nancy is dumb. Nancy is very smart. It is that Bartise isn’t knowing how to effectively communicate to Nancy’s Needs Languages.

Along with that Nancy isn’t hearing Bartise.

The bottom line is this. If we were trained in listening in personality communication, how would we handle life’s situations differently?