Personality Defined

What is Personality?

According to Google,  personality is, a person’s unique collection of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It’s a product of both biology and environment. Personality is relatively stable over time, but can change throughout a person’s life.

I have been researching and studying personality for several years now. 

Many of my colleagues do as well. What I have seen many of my colleagues focus on are behavior characteristics.

Behavior I believe can change over a person’s lifetime. I believe trauma and environment can play a factor in this. I believe over time people can heal and transform with choice and proper tools. 

That is why so many models can have changes when you take their personality test. When we base personality on behavior we can have changes over time in who we are or how we perceive the world, hence that is why many people will say that they believe  personality tests aren’t accurate. This can be another reason why people don’t like them or will challenge personality tests. They may want to see how many different personalities they can come out with.  

I wanted to address this because personality can be based on many factors. Understanding these factors can help you understand yourself and how you fit in the world. For more information you can always check out our products on The Needs Languages website. 

Until next time.