Ryan Reynolds has a commonality with ABE & MLK in personality HUH?

How many of you have seen the movie Green Lantern? Or the movie Deadpool? Or Free Guy? If by now you don’t know who I am talking about, it is Ryan Reynolds. 

Have you ever noticed his humor?

It is kind of snarky, isn’t it? I personally think he challenges people with his humor. At least Deadpool seems like it challenges some things to me. 

What these Needs Languages often do is a challenge, whether it be a system or in humor, or in some other way. 

I wanted to talk about Ryan Reynolds and compare his Needs Languages with Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King to show that it isn’t just political or game-changing. 

The Needs Language is about how we communicate our Needs. We decide where we want to place ourselves or where our destiny is in our Needs Languages. Sometimes we just have a knowing of  where we belong.

I don’t know if Ryan Reynolds knew he was going to go into acting or not. 

So are you curious about what is this common Needs Language is?

Well, next week is the week.