Why All Genders Need…

Recently I did a feasibility study with someone who may have missed the target market. They said the target market for dating and romantic relationships was women.

However, every time I go to research I find men just as much as women want to have relationship success. In fact, all genders can need relationship assistance.

As I looked at their report, I thought about Brene Brown’s story of a man coming up to her privately and saying how he wanted something for men around vulnerability.

I also thought about how many men I have worked with in regard to relationships. In fact more men than women.

One of the reasons for designing this business as books and training is so that people can come from all walks of life, all genders, and do the work privately.

To be vulnerable, a person needs to have a place where they can create trust. Sometimes having a safe place that no one knows about can create trust. The books and trainings can create that anonymous space.