Why Knowing Your Needs Languages Will Help in Communication

Recently I went to a conference with my team. I experienced and saw something in regard to the Needs Languages.

I walked into the conference on the first day. My team had not left a spot for me at their table. I had to go to a table full of strangers. It really hurt my feelings. What I did was notice how it hurt my feelings according to the Needs Languages.

When I figured it out, I released the hurt without having to talk to my team.

Towards the end of the conference, someone raised their hand and asked if we could have the meeting at another location next year. The speaker about freaked out on them. They didn’t ask or listen as to why.

What I thought about is if the speaker knew their Needs Languages would they have responded that way?

Probably not.

What I am learning is we are less impulsive, less knee-jerky, and more understanding of ourselves and others.