When developing the Needs Languages, I didn’t realize how few unicorns there would be out there.

There are two main types of people are in the Needs Languages. They are those types for many reasons. But how they manifest is up to the individual. What I mean is, it is like a freeway. Where we drive towards we will eventually end up there. The freeways for these two primary types are the freeways they have chosen.

Now, what about those who are not these two types?

Many times it is challenging to find a place to fit. If they aren’t given skills or their parents don’t know how to work with their Needs Languages, they can struggle more with connection and belonging.

The smart ones learn very quickly to find connectors so they can not be alone.

Being a unicorn in how one communicates their personality, can lead to challenges that affect belonging.

You may think so what. But belonging is an essential need in life.

In the next blog, I will talk more about belonging and love.